Instrument panel type 1



1. Rev counter.

Indicates the speed of rotation of the engine (x 1000 rpm).

2. Coolant temperature.

Indicates the temperature of the engine coolant (° Celsius).

3. Fuel level.

Indicates the quantity of fuel remaining in the tank.

4. Vehicle speed.

Indicates the current speed of the moving vehicle (mph or km/h).

5. Screen.

6. Control button.

Recalls the service information.

Resets the function to zero (trip distance recorder or service indicator).

7. Instrument panel lighting button.

Adjusts the brightness of the lighting of the instruments and controls.

the section on the button or function and its associated display. For more information, refer to the section on the button or function and its associated display.


A. Speed limiter (mph or km/h) or Cruise control.

A. Speed limiter (mph or km/h) or Cruise control.
B. Gear shift indicator.
C. 6-speed electronic gear control or automatic gearbox.
D. Trip distance recorder.

(miles or km) E. Service indicator (miles or km) then, engine oil level indicator then distance recorder.

(miles or km) These three functions are displayed in succession when the ignition is switched on.

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